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Right from childhood, Jonas has been interest in horses and riding with a focus jumping. It started with a B pony called "Tummen", a stubborn and determined pony. This was followed by a C-pony and later on a D-pony. At age 15, Jonas got his first big, or rather small - horse Little Bloody Mary. This mare jumped everything and was a real fighter. The pony time was over and to develop his riding skills at a highér level, Jonas moved to Germany when he was 18 years old. First stop was with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Bo Kristoferssen. Then, Jonas moved to Heiko Smith where the possibility existed to ride many talented jumping horses. After some time in Germany, Jonas went back to Sweden and the home ground of Sundsmåla Gård, which has always been a place where the possibility existed to have as a base in developing the more difficult classes. 2010 Jonas felt that it was once again time for a trip to Germany and was now offered an opportunity to work with John and Markus Ehning. With him to Germany, Jonas brought La Belle, a mare who was purchased as a 7-yearold and had gone as broodmare at the previous owner. Jonas started to ride La Belle as an 8 year old and 3 years later she jumped 1.40 classes. At Ehnings' Jonas got the oppurtunity to come out and compete with La Belle, and won and placed in S classes. Returning to Sweden, Jonas has built up a business with his sister Malin. They currently run SG Stable and the successes are many. Jonas was the Winner of the Swedish Championships for Young Riders at age 18, and he won his first 1.50 m a year later. Jonas has also won an international victory in Grand Prix with La Belle and has had great success with the young horses. He's been number one in both Falsterbo and Breeders Trophy at Flyinge. Jonas has trained a number of horses in jumping up to difficult class. The foundation has been to see the different horses as individuals where the challenge is to develop the unique opportunity that each horse has. "The goal is to create a long-term relationship between horse and rider and to see the interaction with great humbleness." says Jonas

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