Jonas back to Sweden

Published Monday, 30 November 2015

I wanted to develop as a rider and receive impulses from the international jumps sports and at the same time I got an offer one year ago to become employed at Gestüt & Spring Stable Grönwohldhof. They needed a 1st rider to train and compete promising young jumping horses and those who had come furthest at showjumping (S-Class). The stud farm has about 500 horses in total including younger and older horses. Many competitions have become both during the week and on weekends. From regional to international competitions. This has been an instructive in regard to ride different horses and participated in numerous competitions. Meanwhile, I have received many significant new contacts in Germany.

Now I will continue to own business on Sundsmåla Farm. Partly train jumping horses for championships and competitions in higher grades at both own horses as cooperation with other horse owners.