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When Malin was 3 years old, she got her first horse and sence then she has had a big interest in horses. After a few too many fall off from the jumping ponies, Malin decided that dressage is the crotch for her. Growing upon a farm with large spaces, horse enthusiastic and to 110 % supportive parents, every opportunity was given for Malin to develop her interest in horses. After graduating Malin spent 6 months by dressage rider Martina Hannöver Sternberg in the near of Hamburg, Germany. The loss of family and friends brought Malin back to Sweden and Linköping. Once back home Malin chose to go in her father's footsteps and got a Master degree from the Univeristy in Linköping. Her specialization got to be logistics.

After graduating from the University in 2007 Malin decided to go aboard to develop her riding and to develop the two horses that she took with her. The destination this time was Haupt- und Landgestüt in Neustadt (Dosse), Germany. It was planned that Malin should have been there for just two months, but this two months became three and a half year. During these years Malin got to ride the well known stallion Quaterback. With the Quaterback and other stallions from the stud, traveled Malin to many places around Europe to show off their skills. The years in Germany was tough, but very educational. A job offer brought Malin back to Sweden.

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After four years with an office job, Malin decided to change her duties. It changed to be distance studies in leadership, quality and improvements on the university in Uppsala. In June 2018 Malin will graduate with a second degree. The studies has combined with with the work at her parents farm with the horses and in the role as a trainer. All the horses work toward the goal to go Grand Prix one day.

Under 2016 Malin and Scharmeur established nationally in Grand Prix in Sweden. 2017 was a great for that couple with success both nationally and internationally. Several dreams came true and goals were reached. For 2018 new goals are set and we all look on the future with bright eyes. 

Malin says her goal is to refine talented dressage horses with the highest classes in sight. The horses get a solid and sound education that is based on each individual's ability and condition. Every horse must enjoy working and always like to perform even the more difficult movements with happines. Malin considers, it is important that the horse continue to be a horse and that they like to go to work every day.

"I see the horses as my companions and that we work together as a team torwards new experiences and goals"!

Malin Porträtt
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